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Client: ALAdrak

Design:  Aloft

Location:  Muscat - Oman

Featured Artists:  Karim Tamerji - Melvin San Miguel

Awards: "Best Use of Art" category in the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2023 


Showcasing 3-star hotels are taking leaps to feature culturally rich and relevant art to enhance the guest experience.

Congratulations Aloft Hotels and thanks for making a difference! 
The careful curation and incorporation of art throughout the hotel have elevated its ambiance and even transcending traditional expectations of 3 Star establishments. 

Much thanks for the support and engagement of the client team AlAdrak and special thanks to IDStudio for their collaboration and guidance that has played a pivotal role in bringing our artistic vision to life. Together, we have created a harmonious blend of art and ambiance for discerning world travelers. 

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