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Welcome to the boundless world of illustration with ArtPaintingLAB!

With us, your mission transcends the traditional boundaries of the usual day of a creative!


With Art Painting LAB, you will have the opportunity to explore many creative directions and make an impact on people’s day-to-day experiences. With our amazing team of creatives, you will embark on a creative journey to transform headquarters, hotels, restaurants, new developments, and entertainment venues into immersive, visually captivating experiences!


Here are your many hats and skills!


Your Imagination is WildEmbark on visionary escapades as you collaborate with clients to conceptualize inspiring designs for communal spaces. From dynamic murals to interactive installations, your sketches lay the foundation for immersive environments that create a unique point of differentiation or just put a smile on someone’s experience.


You’re a shape shifterYou have the skill to explore and adapt your visual output to suit very specific design briefs. Whether it's sleek and modern or whimsically eclectic, your designs have the ability to become unmistakable.


Your bedside manners are respectableyou are able to understand the collaborative spirit required as you refine your creations based on client feedback and input. Your ability to listen, adapt, and evolve ensures that every design reflects the vision and values of the project and its needs.


The busiest people have time for everything! You have a knack for time management and work well under pressure. You’re a master of time management, as you juggle multiple projects and deadlines with ease. Your organizational skills ensure that each installation is completed on schedule, leaving ample room for spontaneity and creative exploration!




SOFT SKILLS - Forge meaningful partnerships with team members, clients, collaborators, and stakeholders, fostering an environment of trust, openness, and creativity. Your ability to listen and communicate ensures that each design reflects the collective vision of the community it serves. You must be able to communicate in English. Arabic is a plus.

YES - SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF - every line, color, and texture contributes to the overall impact and coherence of the design. Your meticulous approach ensures that every installation is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry!


YOUR TECH SAVVY - Navigate the digital landscape with ease, leveraging tools like Adobe Creative Suite to bring your designs to life with precision and polish. Your technical proficiency ensures that your visions are realized with pixel-perfect accuracy!


IT’S A PLUS IF YOU HAVE - A degree in Fine Arts, Illustration, or a related field, coupled with a passion for creating immersive, experiential environments. We do know that self-taught creatives are also perfect! If you align with all other points then come as you are!


EXPERIENCE IS GREATif you have experience in a similar field then we will know you know how to go through the grind! Your portfolio should showcase a diverse range of projects that demonstrate your ability to transform spaces into works of art! Sometimes you are just a genius and if you align with all the other points, then come as you are!


As an Illustrator Extraordinaire, you're not just an artist—you're a visionary storyteller, transforming spaces into immersive worlds of wonder and delight. So strap on your digital paintbrush and prepare for the ride with ArtPaintingLAB.


We always look to provide you with the best in professional design, art services, and art consultancy.

For more information on us and our art services, please see our contact details and studio addresses below.

Please fill the form below and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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