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We are the to-go-to art studio team in Middle East, serving industry partners and social establishments in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries from the heart of the art district in Dubai.

We believe that bringing art to day-to-day living environments enriches people's lives, contributes to the social fabric of society, and growing the creative spirit within people.

To accomplish this vision we apply concentrated effort to connect clients in places where people live, work, and party. We specialize in bring artworks to restaurants, hotels, and public spaces including sculptures, paintings, murals, illustration, artwork installation, and all forms of art.

The deeply-rooted CREATE TO INSPIRE philosophy of ArtPaintingLAB shares a
pave-it-forward approach or creativity whereby we set out to inspire others so they can inspire others.

Driven by a honed eye for detail and a dream big mindset, the team loves to bedazzle, create optimal art consulting packages, design the artworks, sculptures or graffiti murals, and finally provide seamless execution of all artworks including sourcing from and outside the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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