Villa Lumière is a stunning private residence located in the up and coming neighborhood of Emirates Hills. Studio Bruno Guelaff  has spent their efforts  perfecting the interiors of this beautiful home and we were more than happy to provide some of the statement pieces for its entertainment level downstairs. An illusionist black and white patterned mural that tricks the eye creates a strobing effect appropriate for the backdrop of a  decadent rose gold DJ booth. As guests wander away from the source of music they come across a massive  painting reminiscent of  the glamour and kitsch of 80’s spy movie posters. This painting serves as the perfect backdrop for a picture moment that hints at danger and intrigue. Further from it is a collection of graphic prints that are abstractions of hedonistic gestures; a pop of color in an otherwise neutral setting. Upstairs, a large painting full of motion and movement  created by  one of our overseas artists Yancho Sarmadzhiev, acts as a center piece for a  an elegant dining area.

Villa Lumière

Client: Studio Bruno Guelaff
2019, Dubai
Acrylic paint on wall
Framed prints and fine art canvases

Different scopes and sizes