Hot new boxing concept gym Boxica ’s slick interiors and innovative, nightlife-inspired lighting encouraged the use of neon paints and street art elements that would inspire both fitness enthusiasts and newbies alike to really bring their A-game to the floor.

At the entrance stands a legend ranked by many as the greatest heavy weight boxer of all time, Muhammed Ali. This imposing , multi dimensional canvas was created from layered prints of retro cartoons, spray painted gradients and controlled scrawls of marker.

Femininity gains a new edge in this vibrant piece in the woman’s restroom and the texture of paint was reworked in its natural state to create proper flow.

Continuing the theme of paying tribute to the greats in all of the art in the gym, legendary Connor Mcgregor’s cocky signature “Billionare’s Strut” was an obvious choice for the men’s changing rooms.

Client: BOXICA

2020, Dubai

Paint on walls and prints
Different scopes and sizes