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Client: AAID

Design:  AAID -  Regina Mathew

Location:  DIFC - Dubai

Featured Artists: Behnaz Maleki - Melvin San Miguel - Hazem Kurdali - Noor Al khamiri - Armia Eskandar - Donny David Achacha

Awards: " Best Use of Art in Interior Design" category in the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2023.


Creating simple yet visually appealing artworks that subtly infuse Bain and Company's essence with local and regional inspirations.

  • Understanding Bain and Company's Essence

  • Researching Local and Regional Inspirations

  • Developing a Minimalistic Design Approach

  • Choosing a Fitting Color Palette

  • Incorporating Cultural Symbols Discreetly

  • Discreetly Infusing Bain and Company's Messages

By thoughtfully combining Bain and Company's essence with local and regional inspirations through minimalistic designs, a fitting color palette, and discreetly incorporated cultural symbols, the resulting artworks will be visually appealing and create a harmonious connection between the brand and the culture it seeks to embrace.

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