With an out of the box concept of camouflage meets French baroque we cranked our creativity into high gear with the team at Broadway Interiors to make sure its aesthetic had real dynamo punch and created a real statement with this blended green to red camouflage ceiling that spans the entire lounge. We wanted to make sure the eye always had something to look at BabyQ, so clever manipulation of iconic art created pieces that break the rules on columns that circle the entire space.Cheeky, sweet and flirty with a little bit of edge was the aesthetic aim when designing this multimedia entrance piece. We wanted to create something that patrons of could relate to and have  fun posing with. A mixed media mural with 2D and 3D elements created a fresh, dynamic entrance with a touch of drama. The wall made of butcher blocks behind the bar was a real challenge but it also made concealing stunning portraits of women a possibility. The 3 dimensional nature of the surface allowed us  to pull of a piece that is both eye catching and subtle.


2020, Dubai

Paint on walls and prints
Different scopes and sizes